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Inspire every Indian youth to unlock their full potential and actively contribute towards the vision of a Developed India.

Our Inspiration


Established in 2007, Ignite India Initiative is a registered non-profit organization operating under the provisions of Section 12A and Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, the organization was founded by Rahul Kapoor, who currently serves as the Managing Trustee.

Our Vision

Inspire every Indian youth to unlock their full potential and actively contribute towards the vision of a Developed India.

Our Mission

To conceive, nurture, and
implement transformative
nation-building projects
for the youth.

Founder’s Message


Beginning With Dr. Kalam’s Blessings

On June 25, 2008, within the vibrant atmosphere of the IIM Bangalore campus, Dr. A P J Kalam warmly interacted with Rahul Kapoor and Srividya Nagaraju. During this exchange, they introduced him to the ‘Ignite India Initiative’ and its main project, ‘Get IGNITED’. This initiative was inspired by Dr. Kalam’s influential work, ‘India – Vision 2020’, and thus, the project took shape.

Subsequently, on July 22, 2008, a momentous meeting took place at Dr. Kalam’s office in New Delhi. Here, Dr. Kalam extended a warm invitation to 3i, keen to delve deeper into the intricacies of the ‘Get IGNITED’ project.

Discussions revolved around the comprehensive training program at the project’s core and its meticulous delivery plan. As a token of appreciation, a memento was presented to Dr. Kalam, symbolizing the shared commitment to the initiative.

During this pivotal encounter, Dr. Kalam not only bestowed his blessings upon the ‘Get IGNITED’ project but also graciously endorsed it. In a touching gesture, he presented the 3i team with his revered ‘Knowledge Card’, bearing a personalized message, his photograph, and his signature. This card was intended to accompany the 3i certificate, serving as a cherished keepsake for every student participating in the ‘Get IGNITED’ program.


Bridging Dreams and Reality: Goal Setting for Success

Imagine a ship sailing across the vast ocean without a rudder – that’s what a person without goals is like. Goals are the guiding force that give direction to our lives. This program not only emphasizes the importance of this essential skill but also provides a comprehensive methodology for both setting and accomplishing your goals.

UNLEASH YOUR GAME PLAN: Success is not a coincidence. It’s a result of strategic planning and consistent effort. This program will guide you through the process of setting goals scientifically, crafting realistic action plans, and ultimately turning your aspirations into reality.


An 8-Step Goal Setting Model

A structured approach to defining, refining, and achieving your goals.

Motivational Techniques

Learn five powerful techniques to keep your motivation high throughout your journey.

Effective Time Management Skills

Master the art of managing your time efficiently, making the most of each day.

Commit To Nation Building

Embrace the responsibility to contribute positively to the growth and development of our nation.

This program is a result of over 20 years of intense research, the content has been crafted with over years of refinement while working with and learning from some extraordinary Spiritual Leaders, State Heads, Business Leaders, Sports and Film Stars, Healers, Psycho Therapists, NLP Practitioners, Scientists and Leading Doctors across the world.

DURATION: 4-hour Deep Dive program, this experience promises to leave a lasting impact.

ADDITONAL BONUSES: Post Program Connect

7 Days Challenge

Take up the challenge to put into practice what you have learnt. 

Peer Power Sessions

Gain access to monthly webinars to keep you on track with your goals and new habits.


Monthly motivational videos and podcasts for keeping the flame alive.


This program is specially designed for students in high schools and colleges, a dynamic and transformative audience eager to shape their future. Drawing inspiration from Rahul Kapoor, a celebrated youth motivator and top-tier motivational speaker, this program provides invaluable insights into achieving one’s dreams and getting committed to contribute to making India a developed nation.

This Is The Ultimate Goal Smash: Where Dreams Meet Action And Have A Blast!

Empower yourself with the art of goal setting. Join us on this transformative journey and set sail towards a future of success and fulfilment.

This Is The Ultimate Goal Smash: Where Dreams Meet Action And Have A Blast!

Empower yourself with the art of goal setting. Join us on this transformative journey and set sail towards a future of success and fulfilment.


Rahul Kapoor

Founder and Managing Trustee


Palani Rajan

Program Director



Community Outreach Director

Lakshmi Keerti

Operations Director


Sundar Rajan

Communications Director


Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Step up and nominate yourself to join the Ignite India Initiative’s Executive Body.
  • Become a Trainer and share your expertise with our participants.
  • Volunteer in your own city, assisting with logistics and administrative tasks.
  • Contribute your expertise as an expert, leveraging your core competence for our cause.
  • Take the lead in securing sponsorships to support our initiatives.
  • Utilize your network to aid in project execution.

The opportunities are abundant, and together, we can devise a strategy that ensures swift, transparent, and high-quality project execution.



Who is this program for?

This program is designed for students ranging from 10th grade to post-graduation.

How can an educational institute book a program?

Booking a program is simple. Just reach out to us via phone or email using our official contact details or fill out a form on our website. We’ll promptly provide you with available dates for scheduling the program.

Is it a paid program?

No, our program is not fee-based. However, educational institutes have the option to make donations to support our trust.

What do the participants receive?

Participants benefit from a comprehensive program, access to follow-up sessions, a certificate of participation, and a Knowledge Card personally signed by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

What does an institute gain?

Upon participation, the institute is awarded a laminated certificate of participation from 3i.

How can teachers engage in the program?

Teachers are encouraged to participate in the program and can also learn effective coaching and support techniques to assist students post-program.

Can we invite the press or utilize social media for publicity?

Absolutely! We welcome all efforts to spread awareness. However, we recommend collaborating to ensure that our communication efforts are consistent and impactful.




“The youth represent the future of our nation, and it is our duty to nurture them. With Dr. Kalam’s blessings, the 3i’s program has provided significant momentum to this mission. We have received an overwhelming response from our students, and we look forward to organizing more sessions like this in the future.”

Prof K E RadhaKrishnaPrincipal, Surana College

“Our main goal is to help our students achieve excellence in every aspect. The 3i’s sessions introduce a new way of thinking, not only helping with careers but also inspiring them to make a difference in society and our country.”

Sukanya ChattopadhyayPrincipal, S.R.N. Adarsh PU College

“The Get IGNITED program is well-organized and includes a thorough follow-up process to ensure students learn, absorb, and grow. We extend our gratitude to Team 3i for their valuable contribution to our nation.”

Prof. SumitraPrincipal, KLE’s S. Nijalingappa College


Let's Build Something Together